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CDG Inspection Limited is a globally renowned inspection agency and testing laboratory. With ISO 17020 accreditation for inspection services and ISO 17025 accreditation for testing, CDG is a trusted name in quality assurance, safety, and compliance. We take pride in our role as a world-leading inspection agency and testing laboratory, offering a wide range of accredited services to meet the diverse needs of businesses across industries.

Our Accredited Services:

BIFMA Testing Services:

CDG provides comprehensive BIFMA testing services, ensuring that furniture and seating products meet industry standards for quality and safety.

BIFMA Level Certification:

We offer BIFMA Level Certification, a mark of excellence that signifies compliance with rigorous standards in the furniture industry.

C-TPAT Certification Services:

CDG assists businesses in obtaining the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) certification, enhancing supply chain security and trade facilitation.

ISO 17712 Testing & Certification:

Our expertise extends to ISO 17712 testing and certification, crucial for high-security seals used in container shipments.

NAAC Green Audit:

CDG conducts Green Audits to evaluate and enhance environmental performance, helping organizations meet NAAC standards.

Ingress Protection Testing:

We provide Ingress Protection (IP)
testing, including IP65, IP67, and IP68 assessments, to gauge protection against dust and moisture ingress in equipment.

Fire Safety Audit:

Our fire safety audits help businesses identify and mitigate fire hazards, ensuring a secure working environment.

Electrical Safety Audit:

CDG assesses electrical systems and practices, guaranteeing safety and compliance with industry standards.

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Audit:

We conduct GMP audits to ensure adherence to high-quality manufacturing standards, fostering excellence in production.

WHO GMP (WHO Good Manufacturing Practices) Audit:

Our services extend to auditing against World Health Organization (WHO) GMP standards, critical for pharmaceutical manufacturing quality.

cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) Audit:

CDG performs audits according to current GMP standards to ensure the highest level of compliance and product quality.

EU-GMP (European Good Manufacturing Practices) Audit:

Our expertise includes auditing against European GMP standards to facilitate international market access for pharmaceutical companies.

GDP (Good Distribution Practices) Audit:

We offer audits to ensure that businesses adhere to Good Distribution Practices, maintaining the integrity of pharmaceutical and healthcare products during distribution.

WHO GDP (WHO Good Distribution Practices) Audit:

CDG conducts audits to assess compliance with WHO Good Distribution Practices, ensuring the highest standards in pharmaceutical distribution.

GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) Audit:

Our services encompass GLP audits to ensure laboratory compliance with rigorous quality and safety standards.

GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) Audit:

We assist agricultural businesses in achieving compliance with Good Agricultural Practices, promoting safe and sustainable farming.

IS 14489 Audit Services:

CDG offers audits tailored to IS 14489 standards, ensuring conformity in various industries.

Construction Safety Audits:

We assess construction sites for safety compliance, helping protect workers and the public.

Scaffolding Inspections:

CDG provides inspections of scaffolding structures to ensure safety and compliance with industry regulations.

Health & Safety Audits:

We conduct comprehensive health and safety audits to identify and mitigate risks in the workplace.

Fire Door Inspection & Certification:

Our experts assess fire doors to ensure they meet safety standards, issuing certification where applicable.

Environmental Audits:

CDG performs environmental audits to assess and enhance environmental sustainability and compliance.

Pre-shipment inspections:

We offer pre-shipment inspections to verify product quality and compliance before export.

Pre-dispatch inspections:

Our services include pre-dispatch inspections to ensure product quality and compliance before distribution.

Third-Party Inspections:

CDG acts as an impartial third party, providing inspections and assessments to validate compliance and quality.

Furniture Testing Services:

We specialize in testing furniture and seating products to ensure they meet industry standards.

Warehouse Inspection Services:

Our warehouse inspections help businesses maintain safe and efficient storage and distribution facilities.

Racking System Inspection:

CDG inspects racking systems to ensure their safety and integrity, critical for efficient warehousing.

Our Commitment:

CDG Inspection Limited

At CDG Inspection Limited, we are dedicated to upholding the highest industry standards in quality, safety, and compliance. With a team of experienced professionals and cutting-edge testing and inspection techniques, we help businesses around the world build trust in their products, services, and operations. Whether it’s ensuring the safety of your workplace, the quality of your products, or the integrity of your supply chain, CDG is your trusted partner in excellence.

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