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The Bravo CX 7000 ID Card Printer is a highly versatile printing solution for organizations seeking to create professional-quality ID cards with advanced security features. The Bravo ID card printers feature a modular, cube design that allows for easy configuration and scalability and can be used to print single and dual-sided cards with high-resolution images and text.
One of the key features of the Bravo CX 7000 ID Card Printer is its re-transfer printing technology, which ensures that images are printed onto the card surface with exceptional accuracy and durability. This technology also enables the printer to print onto various card types, including PVC, ABS, and PET materials. The Bravo ID Card Printer also includes advanced security features such as UV printing, which allows for the inclusion of invisible security elements such as watermarks or micro text, and magnetic stripe encoding, which can be used to store sensitive information on the card.
The Bravo ID Card Printers are an excellent choice for organizations that require a versatile and secure ID card printing solution. Its modular design, re-transfer printing technology, and advanced security features make it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, including government, healthcare, and corporate settings.

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G3VW+68 Houtkraal, South Africa
Manufacturing, Wholesale, Distribution, Printing Machinery & Equipment
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