What is a business listing directory?

What is a business listing directory?


A business directory is a website or printed source of data that classifies companies under specific categories. A company might be categorized according to its size, location, activity, or specialization. Business information can be gathered manually or with the aid of an online search engine. A sort of company directory is the classic phone book as well as the online yellow pages.

The information given in a business directory may change. They might include the name of the company, its addresses and phone numbers, its location and other contact details, the kind of services and goods it offers, how many people work there, the area it serves, and any professional affiliations.

A area for user evaluations, comments, and feedback is present in several directories. Business directories used to be available in printed form, but with the development of the internet, they are now available online.

Numerous company directories furthermore to the premium options provide free listings. There are numerous business directories, and some of them have switched from print to online. Business directories frequently contain a search function, allowing users to look up firms by Zip Code, country, state, region, or city, while not being search engines.

You can make sure you show up in local packs when people search for companies like yours in your area by building citations. Despite appearing to be obsolete, business directories are a fantastic method to increase your web exposure.

We cover everything you need to know about making company listings in this piece, including why they’re still so important in the era of social media and other marketing strategies.

These days, promoting a local business is difficult. It’s all too easy to think that no one will see your business in the local search results, whether it’s due to oversaturation or complex search engine algorithms.

Google now frequently places itself between websites for local businesses and consumers. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), highlighted snippets, and most significantly, local packs serve as the best examples of this.

By adding your local business’ NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) to directories, online business listing sites, and citation sites, you can increase visibility in local packs. These can boost your local SEO in addition to your search engine rankings since the listings typically link back to your website.

What is a business listing?

Your company’s profile page in an online directory is known as a “business listing,” and it normally comprises your company’s name, address, and phone number (NAP). A list of your services, a link to your website, and even an image of your logo are all permitted in some company directories.

I spent a lot of my time looking for fresh business listing chances when I worked as a local SEO professional at my former employer in order to create citations and backlinks for our local websites. Due to this, we were able to rank not just in the local packs but also in the major SERPs.

I can provide you some advice. Once you add your firm to a directory, make sure the following details are included:

  • NAP consistency: Make sure you provide the same company information on all business listing websites when you add or update your listing for your firm.
  • A connection to your website: Backlinks, sometimes referred to as inbound links, are essential for the Domain Rating of your business website. Think about including a tracking link at the end of this URL as well so you can monitor the volume of visitors coming from the business directories that are linked to your website.
  • A summary of the business: Make sure your company’s mission, culture, and values are accurately reflected in a thorough business description.
  • Multimedia: Provide a photo or video of your workplace, your staff, or your regular business operations to give those looking for companies a visual impression of your organisation.

You can submit your information to numerous industry- and location-specific business listing websites. However, you should begin by promoting your local company on the major websites before gradually moving on to the more specialized directories.

I’ll soon go over our ranking of the top local directories, but let’s first talk about how we arrived at it.

How We Selected the Most Reliable Online Directories

There are a tonne of business directories available, and not all of them are good, as I can attest from my previous experience building citations for my prior company.

I selected the top business listing websites that you can join up for right now based on two straightforward criteria.

Site Rating

According on their backlink profile, websites are awarded a domain rating, which represents how well they rank on Google. The score ranges from zero to one hundred. Domain authority and domain rating are not the same thing.

For the directories on this list, a domain rating of 50 was the absolute minimum. You can verify the information using your favourite SEO tool in addition to Ahrefs, where I obtained it from.


This list was created for use by any company. You can submit your business to the directories below regardless of your industry or target market. The directory required to be categorized as General in order to appear on this list.

Although I’ve given traffic statistics for your convenience, they are really not that significant. Local citations support the development of reliable web references to your NAP data. It doesn’t really matter if an organic website visitor sees that content or not.

Let’s now discuss the best free business directories that you can sign up for right away

Free Business Listings

  1. Google Business Profile
  2. Superpages
  3. Better Business Bureau
  4. Hotfrog
  5. Merchant Circle
  6. EZLocal
  7. eLocal
  8. Manta
  9. Foursquare
  10. Yellow Pages
  11. Vendorclix

The following business listing websites were chosen for the list since they are free and make it simple to claim or set up your profile.

While some internet business directories demand phone verification or other procedures for registration, the options below are quite straightforward. Before registering on more sector-specific listing sites, try these ten local business listings first.

  1. Google Business Profile- Domain rating: 98, Monthly Organic Visit: 81M

Your business is directly listed on Google’s local pack and search results when you have a Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business. Your NAP, business hours, services, client testimonials, photographs, and much more are all included in a Google Business Profile.

For free, claim your Google Business profile.

2. Superpages- Domain rating: 84, Monthly Organic Visit: 1.7M

Superpages is an all-purpose internet business directory with many different local company categories. Your NAP, company hours, and website are all listed on your Superpages profile.

For free, claim your Listing on Superpages

3. Better Business Bureau- Domain rating: 93, Monthly Organic Visit: 13M

A large number of local business categories are included on the Better Business Bureau website. Your NAP, business background, corporate email, and website are all included in a Better Business Bureau listing. Application for optional accreditation is also possible.

Claim your listing on BBB

4. Hotfrog- Domain rating: 79, Monthly Organic Visit: 24K

A general web directory is called Hotfrog. Your NAP, business hours, business description, and website are all included in a Hotfrog listing.

Claim Your Listing on Hotfrog

5. Merchant Circle- Domain rating: 85, Monthly Organic Visit: 70K

A general internet listing website is called Merchant Circle. Your NAP, logo, payment methods, operating hours, company description, and website are all included in a Merchant Circle listing.

Claim Your Listing on Merchant Circle

6. EZLocal-Domain rating: 77, Monthly Organic Visit: 90K

A general internet directory for many different local business categories is EZLocal. A listing on EZLocal includes your NAP, parking details, operating hours, and website.

Claim Your Listing on EZLocal

7. eLocal-Domain rating: 77, Monthly Organic Visit: 14K

A generic local directory is eLocal. Your NAP, business description, website, and payment methods are all included in an eLocal listing.

Claim Your Listing on eLocal

8. Manta-Domain rating: 87, Monthly Organic Visit: 2.3M

Your NAP, business hours, services, website, company description, and social media links are all included in a Manta listing. Additionally, you can apply for Manta verification.

Claim Your Listing on Manta

9. Foursquare- Domain rating: 91, Monthly Organic Visit: 30M

For a wide range of local business categories, Foursquare is a general internet directory. Your NAP, operating hours, logo, and client testimonials are all included in a Foursquare listing.

Claim Your Listing on Foursquare

10. Yellow pages- Domain rating: 90, Monthly Organic Visit: 14M

The Yellow Pages is arguably the most well-known local directory; it’s an oldie but a goodie. Your NAP, parking information, business hours, and client testimonials are all included in a Yellow Pages listing.

Claim Your Listing on Yellow Pages

11. Vendorclix- Domain rating: 30, Monthly Organic Visit: 14K

Vendorclix is the leading business directory and classified website in India, revolutionizing the way businesses and customers connect in the digital era. With its user-friendly interface, comprehensive listings, and powerful search capabilities, Vendorclix provides a one-stop platform for businesses to showcase their offerings and for customers to discover and engage with the best local services. 

List Your Business or Products Here

Vendorclix also offers an online directory for marketing and advertising agencies. If you fall into this category, I highly recommend signing up for free.

The Advantages of Listing Your Company in Local Directories

As previously said, the usefulness of placing your company in directories is more about creating citations with the information about your business than it is about being visible in the directories themselves (although that is undoubtedly beneficial).

Here are a few advantages of having your business listed online. Even if it takes a lot of work, its value is immeasurable.

Higher Ranking in Local Packs

You’ve probably seen local packs before; they’re the collections of nearby establishments that show up when you perform a location-based search, like “pizza near me.”

You continuously reinforce your company’s NAP information by adding your firm to local directories. Your chances of ranking higher in Google’s local packs can be increased by this ongoing and consistent record of citations (seriously, make sure your information is consistent!). By doing this, you’ll raise your profile and exposure in the neighbourhood, which may encourage more people to visit your website and walk around town.

The main advantage, backlinks, cannot be overlooked. Even if some of them might be no-follow links, most local directories let you add a link to your website, so it’s still important to mention.

The majority of directories are reputable websites with good domain ratings or domain authorities. By receiving a “vote,” so to speak, from an authoritative website, putting your company on these directories might help you indirectly raise the domain authority of your website.

Your search engine rankings will improve and your website’s visibility and traffic will increase as a result of receiving backlinks or “votes” from directories.

Boost business credibility

Making business listings might also help you look more credible. Being featured in local directories can help your business’ credibility and reputation because they are reliable sources of information.

Imagine that when someone searches for your company, the first page of the SERPs is full of random URLs that just so happen to share your company name. That doesn’t make you appear more reputable. However, users will believe that your business is legitimate and, consequently, worthy of their money if the SERPs are completely filled by entries from other directories.

Being featured in local directories will always enhance your internet reputation and raise awareness of your brand.

You should include your local company to online directories

Any local marketing strategy must ensure that you are present where your potential clients may discover you. Building citations is essential for both increased visibility and SEO benefits. Today, add your local company to some of these directories and business listings, and watch as your clientele expands.

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